SPC Session

The Session is the governing body of the Presbyterian Church. It consists of persons who undertake the responsibilities of church office and who are men and women of strong faith, dedicated discipleship, and love of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Their lifestyles should be a demonstration of the Christian gospel in the church and the world. Stockbridge Presbyterian regularly has both men and women serving on its Session. We want you to know – elders are NOT necessarily spiritual giants or unusually holy! They are people who love God and love His church. They love the congregation and the community; and their desire is to serve God by serving others. Our elders are faithful people who are simply doing their best – they’re a lot like YOU! Below is a list of the three committees at work in SPC.

Sessional Committees & Their Purposes


  1. To maintain the Church building, grounds property, and equipment. All assurances must be made that property of the church is used in accordance with published policy as approved by the Session.
  2. To develop an effective stewardship program making the members of the congregation regularly aware of the needs and opportunities for commitment, and encouraging their response through time, talent, personal resource, and/or leadership ability. To oversee the Session’s responsibilities for persons employed by the church, handling all matters pertaining to the professional and non-professional church staff.


  1. To create a Christian fellowship with the church through various groups and activities that will strengthen individuals, the church family, and the community.
  2. To develop an effective evangelism program that will bring others in the community into a new or deeper relationship with Christ through the church and result in membership growth. To develop an effective mission that identifies pressing human needs and find ways for church members to respond in Christian concern through volunteerism.


  1. To provide worship that glorifies God and gives inspiration and guidance to the members of the congregation for their daily Christian living.
  2. To provide a comprehensive Christian education program where all ages can grow vitally in their Christian faith through the leadership of well-trained, caring teachers and the use of sound, Biblically based curricula.