Join Us for Sunday Events:

9:45 Sunday School Classes

11:00 Worship Service

11:20 Children’s Worship

Opportunities for All Ages


  • Nursery/Toddlers (Infant-4 Years): Something New! Children through age four will be learning all about creation this fall with their teacher, Betty Pickren, during the Sunday School hour.The lessons will be geared just for them and will be a combination of fun in learning and fun in play. Attendants will be on duty beginning at 9:30 am and until the end of the worship service.
  • Children’s Worship: Like adult worship, Children’s Church is grounded in the Scriptures. Beloved Bible verses, stories, and poetry from the Psalms are the basis for the programs. Each program has a clear objective ranging from explanations of God’s world to Bible history to the life of Jesus to basic Christian theology. Since most children are eager to share their experiences and opinions, we have a time for sharing which focuses their thoughts and offers them a chance to express themselves. The message for the day is presented by the storyteller, then through crafts, dramas, adventures, art, games, songs, and hunts the children explore and experience the meaning of the Bible story. The presentation of the Bible message is concluded with prayer. Suitable for both small and large groups, Children’s Church provides a meaningful experience for children in an enjoyable and fun way.


  • Pastor’s Adult Sunday School Class: The Pastor’s Bible Study SS class is now studying a different psalm every week.  Come and hear the profound depth and beauty of the psalms and learn how the more things change, the more they stay the same! We meet at 9:45 in the Education Building. Come join the discussion and have some fun!
    **Every Sunday in February, while Pastor Susan is away recovering from surgery, our Sunday School class will be studying “The Gift of Choice,” led by Sue Scheer. CHOICE is just one of the many gifts God has given us, but do we always recognize it as a gift? And how does this gift of choice complicate our lives and/or make our lives better? See what scripture has to say!The class meets at the end of the hall in the Education Building, Sundays from 9:45am – 10:30am. If you’re a long-time Sunday School attendee, this will be a good Bible study for you, and if you’ve never attended Sunday School, it’s a good time to start!
  • In the News Adult Sunday School Class: Laura Richardson teaches the class and leads discussion, as a news story from the current week is examined, investigated, compared with scripture, and made personally relevant in our real lives. There will be different news stories every week, different scriptures, different discussion. Childcare is provided. Meets in the Parlor and there’s coffee in Fellowship Hall.
  • Max Lucado’s “He Chose the Nails” (Starting Sunday, February 25) In this five-session video Bible study, Max Lucado explores the many gifts that Christ provided to us at his cruci-fixion. These include not only the gift of the cross, but also the gift of the thorns that pierced his brow. The nails that tore his flesh. The seamless robe that he removed for us. The empty tomb where he forever defeated sin and death.
    The hill of the cross is rich with the gifts of God’s grace. These were gifts he didn’t have to give. The only required act for our salvation was the shedding of blood, yet God did so much more. So, as we unwrap these gifts, we need to pause and listen for his voice. As we do, perhaps we will hear him whisper, “I did it just for you.”
    Meets in the Parlor (Will adjust to accommodate audience)
  • Walter Lee Memorial Sunday School Class: The Walter Lee Class is taught by Tom Francis.