Rev. Betsy Turner

Hometown: born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; raised in Dunwoody, GA.

Home church: St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church

Family of origin: mom and dad, one younger brother, John (who now is married and living in Birmingham and expecting my new niece or nephew in February!)

Current household: spouse, Ian, who does information security for Turner (the media company – no relation!), and three children, Lucia (almost 7, a voracious reader who calls herself Ladybug Girl), William (4, loves garbage trucks and anything else with wheels), and Bert (turning 1 next week! He mostly likes to watch the other two run around). No pets.

Education: Presbyterian College (yes, that’s the whole name of the school – Go Blue Hose!) and Columbia Theological Seminary)

Ministry: Ordained in 2012. Served Tallapoosa Presbyterian Church 2012-2013, and Luther Hays Presbyterian Church 2013-2018. Fun fact: those are, respectively, the westernmost and easternmost churches in our Presbytery.

Hobbies: knitting, reading